Our display centers

Where the best is

A restaurant owner that needs kitchen equipment. A catering service manager that wants to renew the tableware inventory. Entrepreneurs unveiling a new culinary venture. Hotel chain representatives that won't settle for anything than the very best.

You've heard about Argal's display center. So you drop by. You're here. You enter. And now you understand.

The selection

The quality

The experience

As a leading Foodservice equipment supplier, excellence is our business. And when we say excellence, we mean the best brands. A wide selection of durable and stylish products. Infinite inventory at the warehouse. Impeccable customer service. Immaculate professionalism. Everything has to be the very best. 

Many years ago, we realized that creating excellence just isn't enough. Excellence also has to be showcased. And that's what we've been doing. At our display centers, our clients can see everything we have to offer. And despite our natural humility, we have to admit it's pretty impressive.

See for yourself

What can you expect to find at our display centers? Spectacular tableware presentations, based on restaurant type and character. A wide selection of styles and high-level aesthetics. Ideas and concepts that'll make your pulse race and your mind fill up with inspiration. Our display centers include over 10,000 different items, and every item is in stock in the amounts you want to order. If you want to prepare for your visit, you can check out our product catalogue here.

Let's schedule a meeting!

Our display centers are located at Argal House in Tel Aviv (20 Kibbutz Galuiot Street) and in Nesher in northern Israel (20 Hamesila Street). We recommend that you schedule a consultation meeting with one of our experts, who will greet you upon your arrival. If you're feeling spontaneous, you can just drop by. The coffee and the tour are on us.
We'll be happy to host you at one of our display centers. To schedule a meeting, call (972)-3-6829999 or email us at info@argal.co.il.

See you soon!