Immediate delivery at wholesale prices. Drop by, pick up, feel great.

As Israel's largest professional Foodservice equipment supplier, we aim to familiarize ourselves with our clients' needs. We know that restaurants, hotels, bars and catering service companies sometimes need equipment or tableware on the fly. Not tomorrow. Not in a few hours. Right now. This is why we established Argal Express.

400 square meters of pure joy

Our clients love dropping by at Argal Express – and who can blame them? All they have to do is arrive, grab a cart and start touring the store. There's so much to choose from – and everything's at wholesale price. If you require assistance, our service personnel will help you find exactly what you need – saving you a ton of time. If you need, they will also provide you with professional consultation pertaining to our diverse products.

At Argal Express, we're both quick and stylish

Argal Express is a professional Foodservice equipment store that utilizes a "quick pick up" service concept. What makes us special is our vast product selection (over 5,000 items) and top-notch product quality. At Argal Express, you can find unique items and brands that cannot be found anywhere else in Israel. All you have to do is drop by, pick them up and take them to your restaurant or business establishment.

Central Israel. Northern Israel. Just drop by and pick up what you need.

Need Foodservice equipment for your business? Want to drop by? We'll be happy to see you:

Argal Express


320 Hamesila Street, Nesher
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30 AM-5 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM-1 PM
Phone: 04-8200320 Fax: 04-8200330

Argal Express

Tel Aviv

37 She'erit Israel Street
Sunday-Thursday: 8:30 AM-6 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM-2 PM
Phone: 03-6821199 Fax: 03-6839191
Argal Express stores are located in Tel Aviv and in Nesher in northern Israel. If for whatever reason you're unable to drop by, a delivery to your doorstep can be arranged, at no extra cost.