Israel's leading Foodservice

equipment company.

Argal is Israel's largest supplier of tableware and professional kitchen equipment, as well as additional equipment for hotels, restaurants, bars, cafés, event halls, catering services and equipment rental companies.

Over 10,000 items in stock

40 years of experience

1,000 Sq m display center

24 hour delivery

We rely on over 40 years of Foodservice industry excellence. We create exclusive partnerships with the best global brands, for the benefit of the Israeli market and our nationwide clients. Our clients can choose from over 10,000 high-quality, durable and stylish products, which are delivered to their doorstep with maximum quickness and efficiency.

In addition, we provide comprehensive and robust solutions for entrepreneurs establishing hotels in Israel and overseas. Within this capacity, we acquire and distribute elite tableware products, furniture, bedlinen and more.

Success. It's all about the experience.

We usually meet our clients at one of our display centers. Our goal is to provide them with a unique experience and equip them with tools and information that will help them make optimal business decisions.

Argal House is located in Tel Aviv and includes a 1,000-square meter display hall, a warehouse and an express store. Our second Argal branch – complete with a display hall and an express store – operates in northern Israel. Our display centers showcase the leading brands and attract restauranteurs, entrepreneurs and culinary and hotel business owners from all corners of the country. Clients seeking products for immediate purchase can drop by one of our Argal Express stores and enjoy special wholesale prices.

Advanced logistics

Fast service

Satisfied clients

We operate an innovative logistics center in central Israel, which receives and stores products sent by the world's leading suppliers. Our truck and van fleet transports client orders directly to restaurants and business establishments within 24 hours from moment of purchase. Company executives, acquisition personnel, sales team members, drivers, warehouse employees and store workers – each and every one of us is committed to providing you with informed and professional service. It's the Argal way.  

Want to get to know us better?

We'll be happy to provide you with additional information or host you at one of our display centers.